This publication is about self-improvement. Our goal is to help you improve yourself and your life. However, we focus on the mental side — related to mindset — and not the practical side. So don’t expect to find practical advice that would make you grow and succeed.

Why? Because improving your mindset — how you think — is the most important thing to improve yourself and succeed in life.

We are not the ones who would tell you what you exactly need to do to succeed. You need to figure this out by yourself through real-life experience. …

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One of the ideas that have always been present in the self-help world and continue to spread to this day is the idea that each one of us has a special talent.

Many of us believe this idea without too much thinking; and my only guess is because it flatters our ego and laziness.

First, it makes us feel good about ourselves. Believing it, makes us feel special. We have something unique that most people lack — it boosts our self-esteem.

Second, it gives us a sweet promise, which is that once we find our talent, we’re guaranteed to succeed…

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In the world of self-help, it seems as if giving up is the worst thing you can do. I can tell from the hundreds of times I’ve heard and read the phrase, “never give up.”

I’ve heard every successful person, coach, and guru repeat it. So many times that I became ashamed to even thinking about quitting — I felt that I should follow my purpose at all costs, and If I stopped, then I’m a loser.

But today, how I see things changed. My experiences proved that giving up isn’t always bad. …

Watching a TV show about robots gave me insights into myself.

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A few weeks ago, I started watching the TV series Westworld. The story, (without spoilers!), is about highly developed artificial intelligence machines that were created by humans.

These machines, that look, feel, and act just like humans, live in their own separate world — the “Westworld” of the title. Periodically, they are visited by real humans who use them to gratify every whim they have without consequence or punishment.

The machines think that they have free will. When in reality, they are programmed to do the things that would please the humans who visit their world. Many times, this means…

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Listening to other people’s opinions about us is a part of life. Many times it brings to our attention positive and negative things about ourselves that we didn’t notice before. That’s a good thing.

On the other hand, when we ignore everything that others say, it keeps us in self-delusion and creates an image about ourselves, our skills, and our abilities that isn’t authentic.

And when we do listen, but we use others’ evaluations to determine our value and how we feel about ourselves, sometimes we become emotionally dependent on what people are saying. Which is absolutely bad for us.

The most valuable knowledge comes after action, not before.

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When we create goals, the first thing we often do is search for the fastest and easiest ways to achieve them. We may read many books, watch a ton of videos, and think a lot. Hoping to discover the secret to success.

Yet, most of us never find that— we spend a lot of time thinking, reading, and pondering… without really knowing the way, plan, or strategy that would bring us success.

We may gather many ideas and theories about how to succeed — ones we came up with by ourselves and others we consumed. But we are not sure…

Don’t let your overwhelming desire for happiness ruin your life.

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If there is one thing that everyone on this planet is obsessed with, it’s happiness.

It doesn’t matter your background, religion, country, color, culture, interests, hobbies, opinions, etc… you for sure want happiness more than anything else.

It’s the feeling each one of us chases every moment of every day. Everything you do, from your diet to your work to your relationships, is dedicated to increasing and keeping this amazing emotion.

In fact, everything you have ever done in your life was motivated by one single thing: the craving for happiness. It’s also the reason why you are reading this…

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Why Self-confidence Really Matters

Self-confidence, also known as self-esteem, which is to feel good about one’s self, is something we are all interested in. Everyone wants more self-confidence and no one wants less. In fact, it is arguably the biggest motive behind the majority of our actions. Several great philosophers and psychologists alike, such as Sigmund Freud and William James, proved that people’s biggest need and desire is to feel important. In other words: we all crave feeling good about ourselves.

People will do a lot to feel important. They even sometimes do bad things just to get attention and recognition. Those who shoot…

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Fear is probably the biggest reason why most people are average. It’s the thing that makes people unable to become masters at any skill in life, as it’s the thing that prevents them from achieving anything worthwhile.

Any person who has ever tried, wanted, or just thought about transforming himself or his life to the better knows how fear could be so limiting and annoying.

It’s the first thing you find in front of you once you start to have any ambitions. …

Yassine Benfatah

Writer and Thinker.

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